The Cat Life.

IMG_0916Me and my Lilly.

Cats are the best animals that have ever lived.

I have two cats named Lilly and Luna and they are my best friends and confidantes. Despite the fact that they are unemployed, have bad credit, don’t speak English and lack the ability to open cans of cat food–they are the best things in my life right now.

I used to talk alot of shit about people who said that their pets were family members. I never understood how an animal could have that kind of bond with their human. Just ask my friends who knew me pre-cat motherhood. I made fun of all of them. But now I’m a crazy cat lady who loves her cats to death. I’m probably on the crazier end of the spectrum when it comes to cat worship-I wear clothing with cats on them. That pretty much says it all.

Nearly two years ago I went through a very traumatic experience. I’m not ready to write openly about it and only a few people know what happened but it was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me and something that I don’t think I have the courage to write about in a public forum. Maybe one day.

I laid in bed for three days and probably cried for 72 hours straight. I only got up to go to the bathroom. I didn’t shower. I didn’t eat. I didn’t talk to anyone. I didn’t go to work. I was frozen and in a state of shock. It was one of the darkest times of my life. I don’t think I have the words to explain what my mental state was during this time.

At the time I only had my cat Lilly. Miss Lilly is usually very demanding, especially when it comes to feeding time. She has no trouble letting you know when she is ready to eat! She’s also not the cuddly type of cat unless she really is feeling affectionate or sick. But while I was lying in bed crying and frozen from shock she laid right beside me. She kept her paw near my face. She wiped away my tears. The few times I got up, she followed me. She never took her eyes off of me. She was the tiny sliver of light and hope that allowed me to get up and try to pull myself together. As dramatic as sounds, she saved my life. She was present for me in the darkest and most traumatic event of my life and I don’t think I can ever thank her enough.

The thing I love about being a pet owner is that the love is unconditional. They love you no matter what you do. I try very hard to appear confident and strong but deep inside I’m a bundle of self-doubt and full of harsh criticisms. I’m my own worst critic. But my cats…they love me no matter what. They have so much empathy. When I feel alone and small and hopeless they make me feel valued and loved. They make me feel like I’m the greatest person on Earth.

IMG_0524Luna giving me kisses.

I’m a pretty emotional person. I cry ALOT. It’s ridiculous. Blanche from “The Golden Girls” once said she cried every Wednesday. I’m sort of like that. Sometimes I just come home and unleash massive waves of emotion in the form of tears. All the stress and anxiety and pressure that it takes to be me everyday just tumbles out when I close the door behind me. The cats have seen it all. And they love me no matter what.

My cats have seen me cursing violently and yelling at people through the phone. They’ve seen me weeping over broken hearts. They’ve seen me drunk and slurring and throwing up the remnants of a crazy night out on the town. They’ve also seen me in happy times as well. I feel happiest when I’m laying in bed with Luna snuggled right beside me reading a book.

So yes, I retract any statements I said before in my ignorant youth about how pets are not family members and they are just animals. They are more than animals. I realize that now. I’m a crazy cat lady living The Cat Life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Meow. :)

#26: Watch Every Episode of Law & Order: SVU #30B430

I’m an ambitious young lady. I like setting goals and sticking to them. So sometime around the beginning of 2014 I decided I needed and wanted to see every single episode of Law and Order: SVU. Why? Because…why not? Seriously, give me a reason why I shouldn’t want to watch every episode of one of the best shows on television!

First of all, bow down to Law & Order: SVU and its amazingness. This show is currently the longest running non-animated show on US television.  It has 15 seasons. 15!!!!!!! FIFTEEN!!! QUINCE!!! That’s 343 episodes total and guess what?

The show was renewed for another season!

What kind of sweet baby Jesus miracle is that? On what planet does a show in America last this long and people still want to watch it? Law & Order: SVU is the closest thing we Americans have to Doctor Who in terms of longevity. Plus the show’s material is so controversial but important. I can’t think of any other shows on television that manage to sensitively handle subjects such as rape, incest, domestic violence, human trafficking and other important topics.

Not only that, but the show manages to stay fresh and up to date. Yes, it can be corny at times with its Ripped From The Headlines storylines (remember the episode that was clearly mirrored after Rihanna and Chris Brown?) They also make horrible decisions like having my boo Stabler leave. But the show always manages to jump the shark and then get back on course. The writers deserve a round of applause.

The writers certainly need a high five for the opening sequences. I love how each episode starts off in a scene that is totally unrelated to whatever the rest of the episode is about. Like it will start out with a scene of two little boys playing on a playground and then the next thing you know the camera pans to a dead stripper laying in a sandbox.

Cue the theme music! *DUN DUN!*

Also, the show has Ice-T in it. Who would have ever thought that Ice-T would end up being a legit actor on an award winning show? I’m pretty sure none of us saw that coming. No shade, Ice-T but I didn’t think a guy who wrote a song called “Cop Killer” would later become one of the greatest TV detectives ever.

So I spent January-May watching all 343 episodes of the show. They are ALL on Hulu right now so do yourself a favor and just pay for the membership so you can watch this national treasure of a TV show.

How did I squeeze watching 343 episodes into my hectic life? Well… I made time for it. Because I’m determined and shit.  We had alot of snow days this winter so I spent my days at home watching a few episodes at a time and I’d watch at least one episode before bed. And by one episode I mean three, because you can’t just watch one episode of this show. Plus, the show is literally on every single day all the time on the USA Channel.  I think my TV stays on USA and everytime I turn it on there is an episode of SVU on and I just stop whatever I’m doing and watching it. Who needs to go to the gym or buy groceries when SVU is on?

So here’s a few things that crossed my mind while watching:

Olivia + Elliot= LOVE.

You know what’s awesome? Having two incredibly sexy people be partners for a billion seasons and they never, ever hook up. Obviously I love the chemistry between the two of them (like all the times they posed as a couple together?! *swoon*)  but it would have been a disaster if Stabler would have cheated on his annoying wife for Olivia. DISASTER! It’s kind of nice watching a man and a woman have a strong platonic relationship that does not result in them hopping into bed.

I totally cried when Olivia found out Stabler wasn’t going to be her partner anymore. There were real tears, y’all.

The guest stars!

I think every person in Hollywood is mandated to appear in an episode of L&O:SVU.  The show has had everyone from 2chainz to Carol Burnett.

Yes, Mr.Chainz appeared in an episode where he said 8 lines. I’m not telling you what episode because I’m too lazy to look it up. But I believe he got beat up.

This picture makes me laugh.


One word: Munch!

Richard Belzer played Det. Munch for 21 consecutive years on both L&O:SVU and another hidden gem from the 90’s Homicide: Life on the Streets. He also played Munch on a bunch of other TV shows making him the ONLY actor to portray a fictional character on 10 different shows! Crazy right? Use that as a trivia factoid the next time you are with your friends. You’re welcome.

MARISKA HARGITAY! aka Olivia Benson aka My Woman Crush Everyday.

The best thing that this show gave us is the gorgeous Olivia Benson. I can’t think of many female leads that are as powerful as Olivia is. What I found interesting is that in the first season she comes across as kind of immature they show her coming in late from partying and stuff (shocking right?) and hooking up with people. But as the show progressed she got more serious and more dedicated to her job.

I just love that she is so independent and strong but also incredibly vulnerable. She’s smart, beautiful, outspoken, dedicated, ambitious. She is literally the best female role model on TV right now. Who needs Olivia Pope when you have Olivia Benson?! 

Yeah I said it. Olivia Benson > Olivia Pope.

I also…her hair. ‘Nuff said.

Maybe in another post I’ll document my favorite episodes but I just wanted to scratch a completed item off my #30B430 list!

In the meantime, the show returns September 24th on NBC so get caught up.

Do you guys have any favorite episodes?


The Future of The Cute Life

Hey y’all!


(I got a new camera and Luna was modeling for me!)


I’m steady trying to update the site (new layout coming soon!) and adding new content. But I figured I’d ask YOU what types of things you’d like to see. Your input means alot to me so let me know what you are interested in!

Also, behold the gorgeousness that is Amber Rose.

A Brunch Date Disaster.

You guys, I nearly had brunch ruined for me this past Sunday.

So there’s this guy that’s been trying to court me. Let’s call him Bobby. We’ve known each other for awhile and since I’m trying to be all brave and open minded about dating I decided to go on a date with this young fellow.

Side note: I’m actually really shy around men. I don’t know how to flirt. I can never tell if guys are interested in me and dating is an anxiety producing hot mess. Dating is a huge leap for me in terms of stepping outside of my comfort zone.

So, he’s attractive. Not that looks are all that matters but let’s be real, a girl deserves a little eye candy. Oh, and he met all my criteria. He’s educated, a great job, he owns his own house, he was super interested in me. On paper, this dude was amazing. An A+++, if you will.

But my intuition kept telling me something was off with this guy. He came off a bit immature. He’s 35 years old and could have easily passed as a 22 year old frat boy. I mean, he said the word “boobies”. There’s just something weird about a man in his mid-30’s calling breasts “boobies”.

Wait, should we call Bobby, Boobie since that’s what he likes? Yes, let’s do that. Please note, Bobby will now be referred to as Boobie.

Carry on.

I decided to ignore my intuition (bad idea) and go on a date with him. We went for brunch because that’s my favorite thing in the world. And nothing can ruin brunch right?

Well. I was wrong.

First off, it was approximately 250 degrees outside and dear Boobie decided we should use this opportunity to walk over half a mile to the restaurant. Now ordinarily I wouldn’t have minded but that day my right ankle decided to buckle under the weight of the 15 extra pounds I’ve gained since Grad School causing me to be in extreme pain as we made our way to the restaurant. Also, it was 250 degrees outside.

I was pretty much drenched in sweat by the time we got there.

So picture it, me waddling along on an ankle I’m pretty sure is sprained or fractured (but I refuse to go to the doctor) while sweat rolled down my face. The boob sweat situation was severe as well, y’all. It was not a cute situation.

Even though we had already decided in advance where we wanted to eat Boobie decided to ask me if I wanted to eat at every single restaurant along the way. Our conversation went like this:

Boobie: Oh, I’ve never tried this place? Wanna go here?
Me: No, let’s stick with (insert restaurant–y’all I’m trying to protect his identity!).
Boobie: Ok. Oh hey, what about this place? I read a good review about them.
Me: Ok fine. Let’s try it.
Boobie: Wait. Do you just want to go to (original restaurant)?

nba_wtf_gifThat was basically my reaction. You guys, the conversation went on like that for about 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES.

We finally reach a restaurant we didn’t even plan on going to which only happened because I just marched limped  into the nearest place I could hobble myself into. At this point my ankle is on fire, I’m sober, I’m sweating like Miss Piggy at a  Texas BBQ and I’m absolutely starving. AND I’M SOBER.

Oh, and I’m annoyed because I had a feeling this date was going to be a hot mess.

The waiter hands us the menus and I’m immediately disappointed because there is no bottomless ANYTHING happening at this place which is a sad sign. I order a mimosa with the quickness because my ankle was thirsty and I read somewhere that alcohol helps with both awkward first dates and sore ankles. I also order a really yummy breakfast sandwich (which turned out to be great! I really wish I could give the location of this place!) Boobie orders pizza after being indecisive for about 10 minutes with me and then another 10 minutes with the waiter on what to get. The waiter looked at me with pity in his eyes. I tried to blink an SOS message to him but he didn’t seem to get it.

Oh and if you were wondering, Boobie is  clean eating this month and was unsure what to get because he didn’t know if he should load up on carbs or some shit before eating clean. Or if he should just start eating clean right away.

For whatever reason, we started talking about work which isn’t exactly fun date conversation and I casually mentioned that I am looking for other jobs and such.

Boobie: So your job sucks, man. Fuck that. Eff that. Fuck that shit. Eff that S. Too much stress. Your job, man. It sucks., Fuck that. You gotta leave. Fuck that.
Me: Yeah I–
Boobie: Too much stress.
Me: Yes I-
Boobie: You gotta leave. Don’t let it get to you. Eff that S. Fuck that.
Me: Ok, so what do you like to do–
Boobie: Your job. It sucks, man. Fuck that. Gotta leave. Document everything.


That was our entire brunch conversation by the way. At this point I’m regretting even being there. Since this was a brunch date I didn’t even have a friend on hand to do that “emergency phone call” thing where you pretend there is a friend in distress so you can leave ASAP. Lesson learned. By the time brunch was over I was ready to sprint home even though I was still in pain from my ankle.

As we walked home, Boobie decided to take this opportunity to try and spit some game on me.

Boobie: Yo, that dress. I like.
Me: Thanks.
Boobie: Sexy.
Me: (with sweat pouring down my face) Thank you.
Boobie: Yeahh… I like.

Boobie: Yeah, your job…you need to leave. Fuck that. It’s hot out here. It’s hot out heeerrre. But you’re hot too. I approve of that dress. You look sexy. I like. Wanna come up and drink?
Me: I have to go.
Boobie: You have to go? Want to drink?
Me: No. I have to go.
Boobie: Are you going to leave?
Me: Yes.
Boobie: Are you thirsty?
Me: No.
Boobie: Do you want something to drink?
Me: No.
Boobie: Want some H2O? Need to hydrate?
Me: NO!!!

I managed to escape from the clutches of Boobie after giving him an awkward and sweaty hug good bye. I hopped in my car turned up the A/C and rolled out like:

I mean, you have to laugh to keep from crying and shit. I have no clue why dating in this day in age is so hard. Maybe its just me. I wish I could say dates like this are rare but they legit happen to me all the time. I could write a book with several volumes in it about my tragic dating life. These situations suck but at least I got free brunch, right? And at least I have great material for the unauthorized biography that Lifetime will make of me starring Tyler Perry as me.,

In case you were worried, brunch has NOT been ruined for me. I still love brunch very much.


Emojis Aren’t a Replacement For Actual Human Interaction!

If anyone has any helpful suggestions on how to make life long best friends that will constantly be available to do hoodrat things with me please leave a comment on this post.

I feel like one of the horrible side effects of being in your late 20’s is the Friend Fade. Yes, I’ve coined a phrase for it! It’s where your amazing, fantastic, loving friends start to fade away. Not because you all hate each other, although that could be the case. I don’t know your life though. But I feel like The Friend Fade (FF) happens because…LIFE! People get caught up with school, work, relationships, kids, cats, dogs, Netflix etc,and the effort it takes to maintain a friendship starts to be too much.

Go through some of your old pictures from your late teens and early 20’s. Look at the all the fun you are having! Now, fast forward to recent gatherings and group photos. How many of those friends are still in the picture? How many people do you legit hang out with on a regular basis? This doesn’t even have to be weekly but how in tune are you with the people you call your friends? How many people are you actively maintaining a friendship with?

In my case, not many. I always pictured my adult friend life to be like Sex and the City. I was obviously Carrie so I wore great shoes and was a successful writer. And…yeah. Ok, I’ve only seen like 5 episodes of Sex and the City. But I do know that they were best friends and they had brunch together alot and had tons of fun.

My current friend life is more like me texting my best friend who lives across the country so we can have a marathon phone date that lasts over three hours.  Or me stalking all my good friends online and commenting on their pictures.

jim carrey


That’s me trying to keep up with all my amazing friends on social media.

But seriously how do people meet each other and become friends these days? When we were younger it was simple because you had school as a  backdrop. You became friends with your classmates and kids in your neighborhood. It was easy, it was effortless. In grown up world, its hard! You don’t really have a common backdrop and if you  do you probably spend your time trying to NOT get close with those people.

There’s always the convenient location of your job as a source of friends but—what if you’re like me and work with 60 year old white men?

No shade to old white men but, I’m just not that into you.

Then, there’s the scenario where you do have actual real, live, breathing friends who are age appropriate but you constantly run into the same schedule conflicts over and over again. Eventually those friends succumb to the Friend Fade because let’s be real nobody wants to put energy into a friendship where neither of you are ever available to do anything…except text each other. And I’m sorry but I just can’t maintain a real friendship with anyone through texting. Let’s grow up already and meet for bottomless mimosas and talk in person. I feel like a 15 year old texting you back and forth. Emojis aren’t a replacement for actual human interaction! <—Bolded because….MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh! And then there’s the scenario that has happened to each and every one of us. You go out and you meet someone really awesome and you click. You exchange phone numbers, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook information–you know the essential and important contact information. And then…you never speak to that person again. Ever. In fact you may never actually  see them again. They just always remain that person on your timeline that you vaguely remember from a fun night out but you seriously have no clue who they are. This happens to me alot. Then I name them things like Braces Boy or Tanya Weave Shop* in my phone and I have no clue who they actually are. Sorry. :(

*Yes, those are actual unidentified individuals currently in my phone.



It’s funny that whenever I bring up the topic of making and keeping friends in adulthood everyone has the same feedback: It’s Hard! It’s incredibly hard to make meaningful friendships during this time of your life and even harder to maintain and keep those friendships. People have so much going on in their lives that sometimes maintaining a friendship with someone becomes like a job or other obligation. And that’s real talk, y’all! With a life full of obligations surrounding jobs, significant others, family, school, learning Beyonce choreography…it can be really hard to squeeze in a coffee date with a person who’s company you enjoy.

My advice to you is: Make time for friends.  Seriously. Make time for the people who you care about and who care about you. It’s hard enough navigating life as Millennial (I think that’s what we are called now), it’s even harder navigating this sea of uncertainty by your damn self.

If I’m honest, I think I learned this the hard way. While I was deep in the pits of hell Grad School, I lost touch with so many people. My attention and energy could only be focused on my job and school. Anything else felt exhausting.

Fast forward to today, I’m done with school and ready to have fun again!

Look! That’s me ready to slay and have fun!

But what I’ve learned is that I fell victim to the Friend Fade. I faded out of people’s lives quickly and now I’m struggling to squeeze myself back in and make up for lost time. How do I make up for over a year of absentee friendism? HOW?!

So aside from this being a thinly veiled entry begging people to hang out and be friends with me again because:

I’m also encouraging all of you to reach out to someone you may have lost touch with. Reconnect those bonds and cultivate your most meaningful friendships. We all need each other. At the risk of sounding corny or cliche, you never know how someone can impact your life and vice versa. We all need and crave love and attention and friendships are the best ways of supplying that need. I’ve been blessed that in recent months I’ve had some lovely people pop up out of the blue to reconnect and its been much needed.

So dig up those old phone numbers, send that persona  FB message or maybe even snail mail them! Reconnect with someone and let me know how it goes! You can comment here, or tweet me @thecutelife86 or visit the Facebook page for The Cute Life.






28 Things About Me!


I’m really trying to get more active and more consistent with blogging. For the next couple of weeks you will start to see more and more of me! Get ready.

But first, how about I give you 28 facts about me?

Let’s go!


1. I look like that. Well that picture was taken of me approximately 4-5 weaves ago but you get the general idea. That’s me in my cage, cubicle at work.

2.  I graduated high school in Wuerzburg Germany. Yes, I’m an Army brat. No, I don’t speak German. But this was the view from my bedroom window.  How dope is this?!

3. I went to college at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. No, I’m not an Aggie. I’m actually an Islander! TAMUCC is the only college in the United States on it’s very own island! That’s a fun fact to tell your friends the next time you are at the bar.

4. I moved about 10 times before I turned 18. Being an Army brat means moving alot! I don’t really have a hometown but I can happily say that I have seen more of this world than people three times my age.

5.  I went Facebook free for three months!  The downside of being Facebook-less? Nobody remembers your birthday. Oops!

6.  I worked at the Pentagon for 3 years. No one in the DC area thinks that is remotely interesting since everyone around here is a Fed in some capacity. The office I worked in was  directly hit by the plane on 9/11.

7. I didn’t learn to walk until I was nearly 2 years old. Why walk when you can have people carry you around? *shrugs*

8. I love GIFS. I also love that the feedback I get about my blog is that people love the GIFs. Here is my favorite one right now:

9. My last name and it’s spelling is kind of unusual. My dad also works for the government and since our names appear side by side in email lists I often get calls that are supposed to be for him. It’s fun having someone call asking to speak to him and then I say “Nope, I’m his daughter. Tell him I said hi!”

10. I went to circus camp when I was 8.  I learned to juggle and walk on a tightrope!

11. I have two cats named Lilly and Luna. They are both rescue kitties and I’m obsessed with them. Look how judgmental they are!

IMG_0017Judging you for your life choices!

12. I’m 28 but I keep telling people I’m 27 because it’s never too early to start lying about your age!

13. I am obsessed with Popeye’s Chicken. And I hope to one day own a franchise. Yes, I’m serious.

14. I don’t like wearing shoes.

15.  I have seen every single episode of Law & Order: SVU. I managed to watch the entire series on HuluPlus this year. It took me 6 months.

16. I have a person saved in my phone as Chicken Alfredo and I’m not entirely sure who it is. The person called today but I didn’t answer. WHAT DO I DO?!

photo (5)

17. I’m one of the few people who actually still writes on Livejournal. No, I’m not giving you my username. It contains 5 years of me being a hot mess.

18. I was published a few years ago in a really boring magazine for people who do Financial Management for the government. Yawn .But it’s awesome to have for a resume.

19. I just finished my Master’s in Counseling while working full time as a Financial Analyst. Both halves of my brain were on fire having to switch gears so many times.

20. I like brunch. Alot. Wanna have brunch with me?

21. I have an irrational fear of nuns that developed after going to Catholic school for one year.

22. I was attacked by a bird in college (it’s a funny story now but at the time it was terrifying) and now I hate all birds, except for chickens because they are delicious.

23. I saw Flava Flav a few year ago at Chicago O’Hare airport. He looks even more ridiculous in person.

24. There’s a really long list of movies or TV shows that I’ve never seen but I know enough about them to pretend.

25. All of my best friends live in different states.

26. I’ve never been to Vegas.

27. I have a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.

28. I am looking for guest bloggers to help make The Cute Life great! Email me at for more info!! :)


Speak Yo’ Mind, Girl!

LOL at me using a gif from a Tyler Perry movie. I really hate Tyler Perry, maybe I’ll write about that another time.

So I’m sitting in bed eating a donut (okay 3 donuts stop judging me) and having a mini celebration in honor of me doing something I haven’t done in awhile which is…

I stood up for myself today. 

Thanks Jay-Z and Beyonce!

I won’t go into the hairy details but I’ve been unhappy with a work situation for awhile. I felt like I was being taken advantage of and that’s never a good feeling. So today I took the situation by the balls and had a sit down with someone in a position of power and we talked about it. 

I’m not really a confrontational person by nature. I prefer gentle confrontation which is basically where I try to bring something to your attention gently and passively instead of jumping in your face with it. I guess its the counselor inside of me that always uses that tactic! I may come across as bold and incredibly outgoing but in reality I’m very sensitive and it takes alot for me display extreme emotions such as anger or sadness. I’m the type of person that’s actually kind of shy  and wants to avoid ever having to have uncomfortable conversations with people. 

Case in point, I rode from DC to NYC on the bus with a girl’s head practically lying in my lap because she had her seat so far back. I could have said something but I froze because it made me uncomfortable. It wasn’t until the lovely young lady next to me urged me to tap the girl on the shoulder and ask her to let her seat up that I was able to ride somewhat more comfortably for the rest of the ride. 

So yeah…I have an issue with confrontation. By the way, writing that whole thing out seems even more ridiculous in my mind than sitting there with this stranger inches away from my lady parts on a public bus.

I’ve been feeling alot of conflict in my workplace for a variety of reasons lately but a recent incident struck a nerve. I consider myself a hard worker, a team player, eager to learn and do a good job at all costs. And I try to do all these things with a smile on my face–even if it kills me! It insults me to my core when someone (especially a person in a position of power) thinks I’m not doing my job or if they misconstrue  my actions. And that’s what happened.  My actions were misconstrued and completely misinterpreted. Furthermore I don’t take well to being sternly chastised like a child. I’m an adult speak to me like one.

So I had to speak up. 

And I did! 

So I said what needed to be said. I didn’t hold back.  I spoke firmly, candidly and professionally. I used big words and shit!  I held my ground and didn’t back down. I got my point across and listened to the weak responses that were given back to me. Most importantly I felt heard. I felt like I was listened to. I had a forum and I used it wisely.

Today was a real leap forward for me personally in terms of demanding respect and voicing my opinions. I’m proud of myself. I always fear that telling people how I feel will have a detrimental affect, especially when it comes to talking to men. Maybe its just me but whenever I try to have a serious conversation with a man I feel like I’m immediately dismissed as being “emotional” or I’m told to calm down. You know, because OMG WOMEN AND THEIR HORMONES!!!!1111

Pro-tip: when speaking with a woman about anything, don’t ever tell her to calm down. That’s a surefire way to make her do anything but calm down. Just sayin’…

I hope this new display of fierceness carries over to other areas of my life! I kind of just want to sit everyone down and tell them what I think of them–the  good and the bad. I feel so free!

Random usage of a Blue Ivy gif for no reason ^^^


Ciao xoxo